This configuration assumes you are using MikroTik as your WireGuard server. Click Add Peer before proceeding to allow all of the configuration pages to load.

  1. The Private Key is autogenerated when you install the client. DO NOT share this with anyone.
  2. The Public Key is used in the peer configuration and is input into the peer configuration. Use this for your WireGuard Peer Public Key.
  3. This is the /32 IP address setup in the peer configuration of the MikroTik. This must be specific for each user connecting. If you use the same address for all users traffic will not pass.
  4. This is the DNS server the client will use. This can be set to a locally hosted DNS server or using a Cloud DNS provider.
  5. This is the Public Key of the MikroTik WireGuard Interface.
  6. This is the Public IP or URL of the Mikrotik. It should look as follows assuming you are using port 13231. wireguardmikrotik.local:13231
  7. This is the subnet of traffic that is to be tunneled through the WireGuard VPN. Using will tunnel all traffic to the MikroTik.

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