Ignore Juniper EX Switch MGMT Port Down

This post applies to the EX3300 line of Juniper switches. This may apply to more models but may not work. This clears the alarm caused by not having the rear management port connected to the switch. Disable the Managment Alarm. set chassis alarm management-ethernet link-down ignore

Set Static Management Interface on Juniper EX3300 with VLAN

The following is a guide on how to set a static IP on a VLAN interface using a Juniper EX3300. This guide assumes you are using the IP of and the VLAN of 88. Set the Management VLAN ID set vlans VL88 vlan-id 88 Set the Management VLAN Description set vlans VL88 description MGMT_Network …

Setup Juniper DNS Client

The following is how to setup the Juniper DNS client for name resolution. In this example we are using the Google public DNS servers. Enter the following into the CLI using SSH or the console. Set the name servers used. set system name-server set system name-server

Setup Juniper OSPF

The following is how to setup basic OSPF for route sharing in a network. This uses the area of and uses em5 as the interface. Enable OSPF in area on interface em5.0. set protocols ospf area interface em5.0

Juniper Export Static Routes to OSPF

The following is how to export Static Routes to OSPF using Juniper routers and switches. Enter the following in the CLI using the console or SSH. Export static routes using a routing policy specifying static routes. set policy-options policy-statement exportstatic term exportstatic from protocol static Set the routing policy term to accept the routes. set …

Allow Juniper Root SSH Login

The following is how to enable root login via SSH. Enter the following into the CLI using the console or SSH. Enable Root Login VIA SSH set system services ssh root-login allow